Frequently Asked Questions

Along with caring for your health and wellness, we strive to make the concept and process of Spry easy to understand. Please contact us or review our most frequently asked questions.


What is Personal Primary Care?+

What makes Spry different?+

Is this concierge medicine?+

Is Spry right for me?+

How does Spry work?+

Who can join Spry?+

How can I make an appointment?+

Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?+

What if I need to go to the hospital? How are specialist referrals handled?+

How do I request or renew a prescription?+

Do you offer urgent care?+

Does Spry take insurance?+

Can I use my insurance deductible?+

Will you or will I have to file the paperwork?+

Will I be reimbursed if my insurance is out of network?+

Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay Spry?+

Can I deduct Spry membership costs from my income tax?+

What forms of payment are accepted?+

Can I cancel my membership?+

How much do services cost?+

Does Spry offer travel vaccines? How far in advance should I get travel vaccines?+

How do you guarantee no wait time?+

What if I can't reach of my doctor?+

What do I need to have a virtual visit with my doctor?+

Do I need to bring anything for my first appointment?+

How do I check-in for an appointment?+

How do I obtain a copy of my medical records and vaccinations?+

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